3 januari 2023 DWE presents Action Plan to the municipality West Betuwe

A milestone has been reached! The Action Plan for the energy transition in Enspijk is ready and on January 3rd 2023 a delegation from the working group presented the plan to the municipality of West Betuwe. Leo van Velzen handed over the first copy to alderman Joke van Vrouwerff and the plan was further explained in a presentation by Anniek Russel-Veefkind. The presentation was followed by a constructive discussion in which the representatives of the municipality once again emphasized that Enspijk is an important pilot for the municipality. DWE is a citizens’ initiative and can serve as an example for other centers in the municipality of West Betuwe. The next step is the presentation of the Action Plan to the residents of Enspijk on January 9th 2023. Representatives from the municipality will also be present. Unfortunately, Mrs. van Vrouwerff had other obligations that day and she expresses her support in this video. If you want to view the Action Plan, you can here