Region Deal Day Geldermalsen

November 18, 2022 In FruitDelta Rivierenland, 31 Regio Deal projects are working on the broad prosperity in the region. The results so far have been shared and celebrated during the Region Deal Day. This day was an opportunity for networking and strengthening collaborations related to the major challenges facing us as a region. DWE took part in the Delta Program Line. On the banks of the Linge near the De Vlinder windmill in Deil, we discussed two major issues of our time in our region, namely water availability and energy. The concrete aquathermal projects and the inlet pumping station were the main topics discussedBased on two presentations by the Rivierenland Water Board, a picture was sketched about the management of the water level in the Linge. The input of water into the Linge is checked and adjusted at 3 locations. There is sufficient water upstream, at De Pannerling near Doornenburg. Further downstream, lack of water is an increasing concern, partly due to the large increase in fruit growers and their water demand. This water demand is increasing due to the influence of climate change. Growers are using more and more water for regular watering and in extreme heat they use extra water to prevent sunburn on their fruit.

DWE has posed the question: how could this large water demand by the agricultural sector possibly influence our aquathermal project in Enspijk. According to the Water Board, this will not affect a single small-scale project at our location for the time being, but could affect projects further downstream.

It was also indicated that there is hardly any current in the Linge in the summer months, due to buffering of the water in the Linge by closing off water outlets. However, current will be caused by water traffic.