Heat scan in Enspijk

The houses were scanned in the evening on 7, 8 and 9 February. A total of 450 photos were taken. Other DWE working group members accompanied Peter and were able to answer questions about membership of the cooperative that had now been established and upcoming activities, such as walk-in evenings to provide fellow villagers with more information about, for example, insulation measures and subsidy schemes. As soon as the photos have been processed by Peter, they are sent to the residents with a short report of the findings. More people have now requested a heat scan and it will be their turn as soon as there is another cold period. Villagers who have not yet registered can do so at info@dwenspijk.nl. All new applicants will be notified in due course. The heat scan is one of the preparatory measures that DWE has started to provide residents with information about insulation.