About Duurzame Warmte Enspijk

VISION For the development of a sustainable energy supply, the municipality of West Betuwe has taken steps to investigate whether natural gas can be replaced by natural energy sources such as wind and water. Aquathermal energy, extracting heat from surface water, is one of the options. Enspijk has been selected as a potential test location because of its location along the Linge. The Mooi Wonen In Enspijk foundation already stated in its Village Plan in 2012 that it aimed to be energy neutral by 2030. This was also a reason to choose Enspijk. The development of a heat network using aquathermal energy can serve as an example for other municipalities and organisations.

COMMON GOAL Our common goal is to contribute to solutions for the climate crisis by no longer using natural gas and switching to sustainable alternatives. To achieve this goal, the Duurzame Warmte Enspijk working group was established. The members of this working group have taken on a pioneering role in bringing about the energy transition. The working group is currently developing a Plan of Action. In addition to aquathermal energy, we are also looking at other sustainable measures that can be taken to become an energy-neutral village.

COLLABORATIONS The core group Warmte uit de Linge has been active for Enspijk since October 2021. This core group unites the Rivierenland Water Board, the Kleurrijk Wonen housing association, the Rivierenland Region, the municipality of West Betuwe and the working group Duurzame Warmte Enspijk. The working group Duurzame Warmte Enspijk consists of a number of residents who are committed to the realisation of a sustainable and inclusive heat network in Enspijk. The working group is supported by Maurice Ramaker, sustainability advisor at RINVER. The municipality of West Betuwe finances this support.The Platform Warmte West Betuwe has been set up to help initiatives such as Duurzame Warmte Enspijk move forward in an efficient and effective manner.


  • March/April 2023: All households and companies in Enspijk that are open to this will be personally approached with a survey, to provide insights in the currents state of affairs in Enspijk related to the energy transition.
  • Autumn/winter 2023: 2nd round of heat scanning of houses in Enspijk; a heat scan indicates where heat is lost from the home and where it makes sense to install extra insulation. There are no costs associated with the heat scan. Enspijk residents can register for this free scan at pr@dwenspijk.nl