Cooperative Duurzame Warmte Enspijk

On January 18th 2023 the notary deed of Cooperative Duurzame Warmte Enspijk was undersigned and with that, the Cooperative Duurzame Warmte Enspijk (DWE) is a fact.

The articles of association of the cooperative are stipulated in the deed. In addition to articles of association, the cooperative also has internal regulations. This was adopted at the members’ meeting of 1 February 2023.

Do you want to know exactly what is stated in the articles of association, the internal regulations and the DWE integrity code of conduct? Click on the link below to view the DWE statutes, the DWE internal regulations and the DWE Integrity Code of Conduct

Do you also like to register as member of the cooperative? Soon you will find the registration form for your membership here.